Although Abex R test disc is hard to be read by most drives, both Memorex and Pioneer returned very good scores, The results of Memorex and Pioneer are similar with average ripping speed about 4. After the end of the writing process the only game that was playable was Max Payne protected with Safedisc v2. The disc was read accurately reporting an average speed of 9. Because of this shorter wavelength, DVDs use different dyes from CDs to properly absorb this wavelength. During the test, no errors such as muted or skipped sequences were reported and only the Get a 4-terabyte USB 3.

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The /-re offers a signal combination with disc error patterns to rate the drive’s abilities in sound reading and reproduction. Nero CDSpeed reports that the reading process of Audio disc started at Next to them is the busy led indicator and finally the emergency eject hole is placed on the left side.

For our tests, we set the region code to 2 Europe. None of the discs exceeded the 35ns Red Book limitation, as it shown on the above graph. Home Entertainment by Ty Pendlebury Oct 28, VAS is designed to the resonance frequency of the drive rotating speed.

Dual layer OTP written disc was read by Memorex with and reported 6. For checking the drive’s EFM correction status, we used 4 different game titles with different SafeDisc 2 and SafeDisc 3 versions having the latest software patches installed. The above results were taken from the reading process of a pressed disc. This question is for testing whether or not you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions.


Friday, March 12, Memorex True-8x.

Memorex True-8x – Printer Friendly version

On the quick erase testMemorex proved to be 4sec faster than Pioneer. Removing the screws and opening the drive’s cover voids the drive’s warranty. The drive passed the effective areas with high accuracy, but when the reading process reached the fingerprints area at the 1.

The “plus” format uses a more reliable bi-phase modulation technique [4] to provide ‘sector’ address information. Turn off the Ad Banner. After the end of the writing process the only game that was playable was Max Payne protected with Safedisc v2.

Min Hard Drive Space. Comprehensive Buffer Underrun Management system which monitors and adapts Recording Technology for trur-8x. However the graph above shows a perfect result without reading problems when switching from layer 0 to 1.

The resultant graph also shows some undulations during reading. The data structure of the disc is exactly the same as that of the TDR, memorexx the difference that there are no scratches on the surface but defective areas ranging in dimensions from 0. MAM Golden Dye 48x recorded at 24x.

Memorex True 8X Dual Format – DVD±RW drive – IDE – internal

Two different discs were created for each title; one with the “Amplify Weak Sectors” enabled and one more with the function disabled.


Lines and paragraphs break automatically. We repeat the test four more times and only one click was audible. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. For reference reasons, we post the following pictures. Vdd characteristic of Z-CLV is a series of zones that look like steps, each one reaching closer to the maximum speed of the drive.

Below the tray door, /–rw the right is the eject button and next to it two ventilation holes. As ofthe market for recordable DVD technology shows little true-8z of settling down in favour of either the plus or dash formats, which is mostly the tru-8x of the increasing numbers of dual-format devices that can record to both formats.

The drive’s front panel is colored black while the loading tray is gray. Ritek Multi-Speed recorded at 24x. Memorex uses the RPC II region control, allowing a user to change the drive’s region at most 5 times.